Children & Youth in Community

~ empowerment, belonging and engagement

About Us

Children & Youth in Community – “CYC” for short – is a community led voluntary association set up in June 2012, continuing the work previously held by the New Findhorn Association (NFA), Findhorn Bay Youth Project and Findhorn Foundation over the past 30 years or more.

We live in the Findhorn Foundation Community & Ecovillage – The Park, Findhorn, Moray, NE Scotland and we run activities and projects for children, young people and families from our two buildings and within the beautiful landscape of our community and peninsula.

We run project based (and funding-dependant) activities for 3-11 year olds from our Playhouse and Youth buildings, exchange & training opportunities for children, young adults & youth leaders, support for families and community events and festivals for children, young people & families.

We are affiliated to and insured by Youth Scotland.

The CYC is generously supported by the New Findhorn Association, Findhorn Foundation, Hinterland Group, private donors, local fundraising and funding bodies such as Awards for All Scotland.

Nature, Self & Socially Aware young people fulfilling their potential
Promoting empowerment & belonging through creative experiential programmes and community engagement.

Staff Manager: Melissa Godbeer
Melissa is an experienced youth worker, lecturer, facilitator, project manager/coordinator and teacher. She focalises the Findhorn College and is passionate and insightful about children, youth and community.
Coordinator: Vera Franco

Youth Leaders (3-6yrs)
Elizabeth Woodcock
Pete Egan

Youth Leaders (7-11yrs)
Vera Franco
Pete Egan
Pete is a dedicated youth leader with a passion for youth & social work and equal rights.  Active in the Erasmus+ programme with experience attending E+ YIA training courses as a participant and Logistics Assistant, Pete is a welcome addition to our team. He has also grown up as part of the CYC as a participant in the programmes from age 8!

Chair: Steven Gasgarth
Steven is an experienced international trainer, facilitator, coordinator, youth and community worker and project manager trained in youth work, social care and psychotherapy with over 15 years experience in the field. He is passionate about equality, children & youth development.
Vice Chair: Melissa Godbeer
Melissa is a highly experienced manager, youth leader and projector developer who has been involved in evolving education and youth projects for 15 years.
Secretary: Mari Hollander
Mari is a teacher, youth leader and manager who has been a driving force in the Findhorn community pioneering youth work for over 30 years.
Treasurer: Eian Smith
Eian is a community leader and visionary, leading and involved in many innovative projects in community. He is passionate about children, youth and families in community and in community itself.


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