Children & Youth in Community

~ empowerment, belonging and engagement








Children & Youth in Community – “CYC” for short – is a Findhorn Foundation Community voluntary association set up in June 2012, continuing the work previously held by the New Findhorn Association (NFA), Findhorn Bay Youth Project (YP) and Findhorn Foundation over the past 40 years.

We are based in the Findhorn Foundation Community & Learning Centre – The Park, Findhorn, Moray, NE Scotland and we run activities and programmes for local children & young people within the beautiful landscape of our community and ecovillage.

We are affiliated to and insured by Youth Scotland.

The CYC is sponsored by the New Findhorn Association membership and supported by private donors, local fundraising initiatives and at times funding bodies such as Awards for All Scotland.


Provide a platform for the development of social, emotionally and ecologically literate young people fulfilling their potential


To encourage empowerment, belonging and community engagement of local children and youth through experiential activities and educational programmes;

To offer support in the integration and holding of local young people in Community events and celebrations;

To engage holistic and robust human lead systems that support local Community families;

To raise local awareness of the vital role children, youth & families hold in the health and wellbeing of Community

Programme Coordinator
Vera Franco

Youth Leaders (3-5yrs)

Youth Leaders (6-11yrs)
Vera Franco
Erin Harvey-Jamieson

Chair: Melissa Godbeer
Vice Chair: 
Bettina Jesperson
Secretary: recruiting 
Treasurer: Steven Gasgarth

Sponsored by:

NFA Logo


Supported by:


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