Children & Youth in Community

~ empowerment, belonging and engagement


CYC is the Findhorn Ecovillage’s volantry association who hold a focus of our Community children & their friends. We are based at The Park, Findhorn, Moray, NE Scotland and run activities, sesonal events and holiday programmes for local children & young people.


Provide a community platform that supports the development of social, emotionally and ecologically literate young people fulfilling their potential.


To encourage empowerment, belonging and community engagement of our communities children and their friends through experiential activities and educational programmes;

To raise local awareness of the vital role children, youth & families hold in the health and wellbeing of Community.

Chair: Melissa Godbeer
Vice Chair:
Secretary: Kristin Edward
Treasurer: Liz Egan

Programme Coordinator

Registered with:

Local sponsors:

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